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A symbiotic relationship with nature.

At the heart of a protected forest massif, away from tourist-packed roads, a young team passionate about woodwork and wilderness living has managed to blend its craft with its love for forests to create a unique universe inspired by an eco-friendly concept.

Fully built with natural and sustainable materials, various huts on stilts have been customised and furnished to meet everyone’s needs. Comfort and authenticity are merged to offer you an exceptional trip in this green oasis.

Whether you’re a couple, a family or a group of friends, come and replenish yourself. Here, nature isn’t just a haven of peace–it’s also jam-packed with things to do!

The Domaine des Étangs Bleus offers an unparalleled set of leisure activities based on sustainability and a gentle approach of tourism.

In harmony with wildlife.

Let your inspiration guide you through the fields, and you may just stumble on a deer, a fox or a doe at the corner of a path!

Since we promote the free movement of fauna on site, animal crossing trails have been strengthened, protected and enhanced, thus promising a genuine wildlife immersion.

While these wild companions are best observed at distance to reduce your impact on the wildlife, our pets will be delighted to receive your affection!

Our pygmy goats Papaye, Rustine and Tagada delight kids and adults alike. They are tamed, can be stroked easily and will entertain you every evening during an exceptional show!

Eliott, the donkey, has become the mascot of the Domaine des Étangs. With his strong character, he loves the company of visitors and will be delighted to accompany children on a walk or bring you lunch to your hut’s doorstep.

Cherry is a young Henson mare, meant to live freely in the wild. A faithful companion of Eliott, she doesn’t mind being approached for stroke or two.

He’s the soul of this project! It is his unwavering motivation and his ideals that lead to this incredible adventure. For him, life on the Domaine des Étangs Bleus is all about returning to the essentials of life... Always passionate about nature and outdoor life, he spent most of his childhood weekends near ponds, in his father's hut. Eager to revive this enchanting setting while offering a haven of peace in this fast-paced, modern world, he decided to build waterfront huts with Jean-Benoît, his childhood friend. Today, he’s all over the place: it is he who cheerfully coordinates and animates the Étangs Bleus team, but you’ll randomly see him at the reception, on his tractor or doing some handiwork!

She’s the team’s feminine touch. As Étienne’s partner and mother to their baby girl Lou, Emilie is passionate about animals and especially about the equestrian world. She’ll be happy to take your children on a donkey ride or to tend other animals. Need some advice? Do not hesitate to ask: the “Mama des Étangs” will be glad to help you out! It is she who welcomes you on your arrival at the Estate and takes care of preparing your packed lunches with quality products and an outstanding service.