Let yourself be charmed by the intimacy
and elegance of the Domaine des Étangs Bleus.

Whether you have the soul of a Robinson Crusoe or are looking for more sophisticated comfort,
our wooden huts promise you an extraordinary experience for couples, family or friends alike.

The Robinson huts invite you to live a “trapper’s cabin” experience. Warm and carefully decorated, these little nests–lit by candles and harmonized with atypical living spaces–are the ideal place to live to the rhythm of the seasons, while indulging on the simple and authentic joys of nature.


Washed-up on the shore, with its ‘bubble’ window and secret bridge, the Mediterranean colours of this small hut will capsize you into an authentic moment to the rhythm of water.


With its dormer ceiling under the stars, this hut will plunge you into a constellation of charm. Admire the spectacle of heavenly bodies hovering over your head, and let yourself be charmed by the starry night...


With its orange hues that evoke warm countries, the Terra-Cotta hut and its panoramic mezzanine provide you with an atypical and soothing experience.

The Canadian huts are perched on stilts and offer couples and families a more “civilized” experience, all the while remaining fully immersed in a wild setting. These spacious, fully-fledged homes with fitted kitchens and handcrafted cedar wood showers and baths combine comfort with atypical living spaces and elevated outdoor decks–soar up and see wildlife from a different angle.

Souffle d'Émeraude

Right under the canopy, a hut in the utmost comfort serves as a nest for families... Let yourself be blown away by the Emerald Blast to create your most memorable experience together.

Au Fil de l'Eau

Here, the calm of the water is yours to contemplate... Keep your eyes wide open! This hut will invite you to the sweetest reverie.


An unmissable break from your overloaded trip... Forget everything and indulge on a moment for yourself and your loved ones. Dare the Great Escape for a truly breath-taking vacation!

Les grands reflets

A unique and charming hut where the pond and its glaring light effects, beauty and mystery are celebrated as one... A true spectacle that can be witnessed at all hours.


— weekday fees —

Robinson rangeCanadian range
1 night149 €249 €
2 nights268 €458 €
3 nights382 €657 €

— week-end, bank holiday and July/August fees —

Robinson rangeCanadian range
1 night162 €262 €
2 nights294 €484 €
3 nights421 €696 €

The fees above include:

For the Robinson range: The provision of a hut for 2 adults for one night with complete bedding, access to the shower cabin, 2 towels and breakfast. Wood and BBQ charcoal offered. Housekeeping included.

For the Canadian range: The provision of a hut for 2 adults for one night with heating, water, electricity, bedding, towels and breakfast. Wood and BBQ charcoal offered. Housekeeping included.

What if there are more children?
  • Night stays for children under 3 years old are free for Canadian huts.
  • Additional person from 3 to 16 years old: extra 29 € fee per person per night
  • Additional person over 16 years old: extra 39 € fee per person per night