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Practical information

Arrival / Departure

We’re here to receive you from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm on the day of your arrival. Please inform us in advance in case of late arrival.

Have you booked a Robinson hut? Let us give you a backpack with some handy items inside to enjoy your stay in the wilderness:

  • A lantern
  • A pair of binoculars
  • A “PowerBank” phone recharge
  • A bottle of 1.5l of water per night/person

This kit will be given to you at reception upon arrival.

Toiletry not included (towel, soap…) for the Robinson range
We advise you to bring your phone sufficiently charged.
Power outlets are available at the reception point.

Your hut should be released by 11 :00 am on the day of your departure, but you will have the opportunity to stay on the Estate until 7 :00 pm and enjoy a last meal if you wish.

Good practices guide in the wilderness

The huts are located in a wooded area. In order to enjoy a lasting and respectful experience, we will ask you to adopt a responsible behaviour and to respect the trails and the sign posts put in place during your travels and walks.

Some rules of good sense and good citizenship help preserve the natural environment:

  • Avoid making too much noise
  • Remain on well-defined pathways
  • Do not light wild fire – Do not throw cigarette buds
  • Do not remove animals from their habitat – Do not gather plants
  • Avoid areas sensitive to human presence
  • Do not dispose of waste in a natural environment

These rules will allow you to enjoy what nature has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms of payment?

Booking night stays is done online via our website. The payment of the full sum relating to your stay before your arrival is required in order to approve your booking.

Is it possible to pay with holiday vouchers?

When you book on our website, payment by credit card will be required. If you do not wish to pay online, send us an e-mail with the date and the hut selected and we will send you a confirmation with several options. You can then pay by check, bank transfer or using holiday vouchers!

Can I come with a baby?

Of course you can! However, please mention this during your reservation. We offer all the necessary equipment upon reservation (cot, bottle warmer, changing mat…).

Are animals allowed?

Although we love animals, we unfortunately cannot accept them on the estate in order to respect the wildlife already present on site, as well as the huts.

You can quickly find a host family for your pet on the website Animaute (in French).

Are sheets/linens provided?

All our huts are equipped with pillows and duvets. Sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are provided! Everything is planned for a cosy and comfortable stay.

Note that bath towels are provided in the Canadian range, but not in the Robinson range.

Can we bring our own meal?

You can bring your own meal. For the Canadian range, everything is planned for, and the kitchens are fully equipped. As opposed to the Robinson range, remember to bring your dishes and a cold meal.

Do the huts have heating?

The Canadian huts are all equipped with an inertia radiator providing smooth and homogeneous heat all year long.

An additional gas heater is available during the off-season in Robinson huts. These dwellings are very well insulated; you will find that heat isn’t needed at night. For security and sustainability reasons, we will ask you to extinguish them before going to bed.

How is the security of the premises managed?

The Estate is watched day and night. Members of the team are present 24 hours a day on the site. They are trained to react and respond quickly and effectively in case of an incident. They is always a team that watches over you during your stay.

Each inhabitant, however, is responsible for him/herself and his/her belongings. Children are under the sole and exclusive responsibility of their parents. It is requested to limit the consumption of alcohol for safety reasons and to respect the area’s tranquillity.

Can we camp all year?

Of course! But only in authorised areas. We offer a kit with dry wood and an explanatory note for each hut. You’re guaranteed to spend some friendly evenings around the fire. With a few marshmallows, it’s even more fun! Warning: the fire must be lit and maintained by an adult. This option is not recommended from the beginning of November to the end of March.

Can we swim in the ponds?

No! Swimming in the ponds is not possible for obvious security reasons.

Are the huts and inhabitants covered by insurance?

The TCI company has a professional liability insurance that covers you in case of problems. You must also have the holiday guarantee in your own comprehensive home insurance plan (civil liability). Everyone has it in their house contract. This one is not requested as proof, but the terms checked and validated during reservation are deemed understood. The Domaine des Étangs declines any responsibility in case of non-compliance with the rules of the site.

Cabins benefit from a multi-risk home insurance, coupled with a 10-year manufacturer’s insurance. They are carried out by specialists according to the DTU 31.2 NF P 221-201 standard (constructions of houses with wooden frames).